Pump Station Services

Pump Station Services

Hydro Cleansing Ltd offers unrivalled experience in pump station maintenance, repair and servicing. 

Industrial Pump stations are vital in transferring large volumes of waste or surface water from one point to another. When a pump station becomes overwhelmed with waste or gets blocked, it can cause flooding of foul waste that can cause damage to property, surrounding areas and also lead to serious health risks.

Our pump station services include repair, installation, maintainance and cleaning of any type of industrial pump station, from large scale sewers to reservoirs and storage tanks. For more information please visit our FAQ page, or visit the types of pump station we clean and maintain 

Pump Station
Hydro Cleansing offer regularly planned and emergency pump station emptying services, reducing the chances of overflowing and blockages.

Man Emptying Hotel Pump Station

Pump Station
We regularly repair, refurbish and install control panels, alert systems and control switches for all types of pump stations to ensure they are in perfect working order.

2 Man Repairing Pump Station

Pump Station
At Hydro Cleansing, we understand that pump stations can become dirty due to a build-up of non-biological waste.

Men Cleaning Pump Station Using HPWJ

Pump Station
Pump stations are vulnerable to contaminant build up during regular use. This build up can be from liquid wastes, fats, oils or other debris and overtime it can damage the float switches and cause overflows.

Pump Station being maintained using equipment

Pump Station Emptying, Cleaning, Repair and Maintenance

We extend our expertise and experience to domestic, commercial and industrial customers throughout London and the South East.



Man Emptying Hotel Pump Station Using Vacuum

Pump Station Emptying

Our vacuum tankers (Megatron and Terminator) are fully equipped to remove and safely dispose of vast quantities of liquid waste as part of any pump station service.  We provide the fastest possible emptying or flood removal solutions. Regular maintenance of your pump station is the best way to avoid costly emergencies, flooding or damp.

The first process in most maintenance schedules is emptying. We provide a stand alone emptying service for in house enginneers and a full maintenance service depending on your needs. When all is said and done regular checking and maintenance will increase the life expectancy of the system that has been installed and will prove to be the most cost effective approach over time.

Pump Station Repair 

When liquid waste gathers in a pump station and reaches a fixed point, the pump triggers and lifts the waste through a pressurized pipe system. If this pump were to fail or break, the whole process could cease, potentially causing floods, blockages and an entire system breakdown.

Our operators are trained to access wet wells and other confined spaces as a key part of safely carring out essential repairs. Our vehicles also carry on board high pressure water jetting systems to ensure any filters or ingress pipes are also completely cleaned before the repair is concluded.


Men repairing sewage treatment plant


Sewage treatment plant being cleaned using HPWJ equipment

Pump Station Cleaning

As you can see our services often overlap to provide a full solution to your pump station cleansing requirements. It is important to understand that we have all the correct equipment and support to carry out even the largest possible cleaning operations  

We believe that we offer the best and most cost effective pump station cleaning and inspection services for commercial clients. It is however indisputable that our extensive fleet of high power and high capacity super combination tankers with up to 4,000psi on board high pressure jetting systems are second to none. Megatron is quite simply the most powerful vehicle of its kind in Europe.

Pump Station Maintenance 

A pump requires careful maintenance to make sure that it is working properly. Regular maintenance ensures that there are no emergency flood or breakdown disasters which could result in a costly and disruptive effect on the environment. Pumps and floats must be regularly maintained to keep the pump station working in perfect order.

This process starts with the control panel amd moves through to the pump and the tank. There are many skills required of pump station engineers and we have highly trained staff and support ready to provide hassel free regular maintance services even in the confined or complex environments.


Pump Station being maintained using CCTV equipment

Other Pump Station Info

Pump Station FAQ

On this page you can read our helpful advice relating to frequently asked questions about maintaning sewers, drains, pumping stations and our fleet.  We service everything from main line sewers to domestic septic t...

Pump Station Types

Our experienced confined space trained engineers are able to repair, install and renovate guide rail systems, control panels, alarm systems and control switches for all types of pump stations. For most industrial scale...

We are available 24/7 for emergency pump station cleaning, covering the whole of South East England.

We use only certified pump station engineers and have state of the art pump station emptying and waste diosposal equipment, when you need help urgently then give us a call any time of day or night and we will be happy to assist

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