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With our own team of highly trained operatives and in conjunction with specialist partners we are able to offer the best range of pump station services on the market. We are capable of scaling our operations from individual residential needs to the biggest industrial pump stations in the UK. We are happy to providing routine maintenance for some of the biggest companies around, and will always attend emergency call outs day or night to ensure the repair or replacement of essential pump station equipment goes smoothly.

Mains and Drains
We undertake major works and emergency call outs for councils and utilities ensuring that the problems associated with drainage failures and flooding are minimised for the public.

Drains Cleaned and Emptied Using Combination Tanker

Sewers and Septics
A septic tank is a container that retains sewage waste for a sufficient time. The waste water settles in time for the organic matter to undergo anaerobic decomposition.

Two Engineers carrying out pump station emptying at septic tank

Pumps and Sumps
Pumping stations exist where waste from a building cannot reach the main sewer by gravity alone and are specifically designed to handle and transport effluent waste.

Pump Station being cleaned and emptied

Our dedicated team use an extensive range of technology and equipment for CCTV surveys to catty out a variety of pump station inspections.

CCTV Surveying on Pump Station Pipes


Mains and Drains Emptying using combi tanker

Main Drains and Sewers 

If a main drain, a main sewer or any of the pump stations that service them becomes blocked or broken, the situation will need to be resolved as quickly as possible before it becomes an insurance or, worse, a safety hazard. At Hydro Cleansing Ltd, we offer 24/7/365 emptying cleaning and repair services for our industrial and commercial clients.

We have a large fleet of Super Combination Tankers with industry leading vaccum power and massive waste water holding capacity. These vehicles and their highly trained operators are capable of dealing with major flooding issues and the very largest pump station issues.

Septic Tanks

Large or small, we can unblock, clean and repair your sewers and septic tanks, soakaways and cesspits to keep them fully operational. If you need cleaning or maintenance services or you are experiencing any issues with your pump station or associated equipment, we will be happy to visit and quote on an effective solution.

Once we have detailed and agreed the best course of action our fully trained operators will atten the site and carry out the work s in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Our fleet contains the most powerful vacuum tanker in Europe for the largest, deepest problems and also smaller residential focused vehicles.


Septic tank being cleaned and emptied


Pump Station being cleaned and emptied out

Pumps and Sumps 

Pump stations are often positioned lower than the sewer system, meaning a sump pump is required to direct the waste up towards the main sewer.  Depending on the scale the pump stations can be situated in a confined and hence more dangerous place to work. In such a situation we strongly advise you to call us or anyone professional company rather than attempt to tackle it yourself. 

Our experienced operators are trained to work in confined spaces incluing using breathing equipment, harnesses and all the correct safety equipment at all times. If you are unsure of the type of installation we wil be happy to survey your site before the work commences.


CCTV Surveys

A critical part of any maintenance is to pre-survey all parts of the system to ensure you know what you are up against. Our high performance Mega-Cam systems each have a full HD colour camera and are compact and lightweight enough to survey almost all sewer and drain pipes, drainage systems, voids and gaps.

Mega-Cam allows our engineers to easily identify and record faults within the drainage system, this allows us to employ preventative maintenance schedules suitable for the individual system. This form of maintenance helps to prevent any major damage or failure in the entire pump station system

CCTV Survey FAQ Pump Station

Confined Space Surveying A Pump Station

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We are available 24/7 for emergency pump station cleaning, covering the whole of South East England.

We use only certified pump station engineers and have state of the art pump station emptying and waste diosposal equipment, when you need help urgently then give us a call any time of day or night and we will be happy to assist

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